CAFAM Kids Program is dedicated to the research, development, and publishing that related to children’s art education. Let CAFAM bring out the artist spirit in your children.

Art Therapy

Through the use of diverse expressive techniques, Art Therapy Program helps to communicate with the inner self. Draws on international psychological treatments rooted in an experiential practice, art therapy fills some of the gaps in modern counseling treatment. By providing a safe environment, art therapy encourages your children to engage with multiple creative materials and art forms, experimen

"Take Shape" Performance Project -- Based On Exhibition Combining Art and Contemporary Dance...

2013-09-15 294 people interested

In conjunction with the "Joseph Boyce--Social Sculpture" exhibition, the CAFA Art Museum l More

Equality·Participation·Sharing: A Silent Day at CAFA Art Museum...

2011-05-15 126 people interested

May 15, 2011, was the 20th “Help-the-Disabled Day” in China. The theme for this year was “ More
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