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The Art by the Faculty of the Department of Oil Painting of CAFA in the Progressive Tense


Today, facing the new trend and global art context, teachers from the five studios of the Department of Oil Painting follow the steps of their predecessors and has made a transition in the teaching and creation, which reveals their belief and perseverance for oil painting as a collective force while... More

Discipline with Master’s Dignity–Exhibition of No.3 Studio of the Department of Oil Painting


Through the organic rearrangement of No.3 Studio’s works, historical pictures and archives of different periods, the exhibition comprehensively describes its historical line of the teaching and the wide dimension of the creation, featuring a total of 60 pieces of works created by teachers and stude... More

Cultivator: Exhibition of Dai Ze’s Oil Paintings


Confusing Public and Private:The 3rd Beijing Photo Biennial


Re-recognition of Game:CAFA Game Art Exhibition


Re-recognition of Game It is a party for game lovers to touch the spirit of games together. What is game, in your mind? An entertainment product that requires charging money, or a source of happiness in life; An emotional stress relief, or a huge industry with 250 billion annual value of product... More

Reinvention – “New Chinese Painting Movement in 1950s and 1960s” Exhibition


On September 8, 2018, the “New Chinese Painting Movement in 1950s and 1960s” Exhibition is unveiled on the fourth floor of CAFA Art Museum. It selected representative works, from the collection of CAFA Art Museum, that reveal the innovation history of the Chinese Painting in the 1950s and 1960s, and... More

Prometheus in Printmaking: A Li Hua Retrospective on the 110th Anniversary of His Birth


This exhibition is themed with the concept of “Hua Zhu 桦烛,” which originally means “a kind of candle coiled with birch bark,” symbolizing the brilliant candlelight and its beautiful reflections. Literati and poets of many dynasties have used it in their poems. A poet of Tang Dynasty, Shen Quanqi (... More

International Grand Exhibition for Wood Engraving and Historical Archive


This is the first international large-scale exhibition about the traditional technique - wood engraving's development in the contemporary era. There are about 200 artworks, wood engravings and books created by 100 artists, involving classical, modern and contemporary sections. More

Paradigms of Art – Contemporary Art from Germany


By showing the public the history and latest development of German art since the 1950s, Germany's profound cultural traditions and the zeitgeist spirit of innovation will be fully presented. More

Weingart Typography China Touring Exhibition 2017· Beijing


Wolfgang Weingart of the Swiss school is a landmark figure in the history of contemporary graphic design. His outstanding achievements are embodied in many aspects such as design practice, design teaching, and design ideas. While injecting great vitality into modern Swiss font design, he also played... More
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