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The Myth of Documenta: Arnold Bode and His Heirs


This exhibition bears a strong connection with the Kassel Documenta and aims to spark various discussions on modern and contemporary art in the social context, especially on the fierce confrontation and controversy, transformation and expansion in its development. Besides, it also serves as a record... More

Hiroji Kubota: The Story of Looking


Kubota has a high sensibility of politics and social events. His camera has witnessed the living reality and historic changes around the world during the past 50 years, ranging from the American civil rights movement to the Vietnam War, from China’s tremendous changes, North Korea’s issues to the de... More

CAFA Annual Fine Arts Nomination Exhibition 2016 – Yu Hong: Garden of Dreams


Project Space Young Curators Lab - The Liver


The concepts of “mirroring” or the images about “hope” with regenerative capacity, all overlapped with the modern medicine’s understanding of the practices on the liver. These notions form a complicated and gigantic civil network. The exhibition tries to combine those previous texts, modern medical... More

Project Space Young Curators Lab - Encounters between Biology and Contemporary Art


The exhibition selected two sets of abstract art works with molecular biology as the subject. They have the same form as classical abstract works in the history of art, but they represent a new perspective of the artist's creation in the post-revolutionary era. Although Fry and Voss-Andreae's wo... More

Masters of Latin America: José Venturelli


Throughout his life, José Venturelli sought to reflect humanity, society and public values through various mediums, including frescoes, stained glasses, paintings, sculptures, illustrations, posters and stage settings, etc. Organized by José Venturelli Foundation (Chile) and China Arts and Entertain... More

Art From The Streets (The History of Street Art – from New York to Beijing)


Street artists from Brazil, China, France, Italy, Portugal, Senegal, the US, and the UK will show their work in the exhibition. The opening ceremony will feature a live painting performance. This exhibition is a crucial archive exhibition of street art, in which the viewers can gain a better underst... More

Like Singing and Dancing: John McLean’s Abstract Paintings


John McLean’s artworks are collected by a lot of major art galleries in the UK and the US, and received support from many important international critics, including Clement Greenberg, the primary enabler of Abstract Expressionism, and John Elderfield, the former chief curator of Painting and Sculptu... More

Differences and Similarities between Reality and Truth: Jose Maria Cano


Sculpture of Love: Memorial Exhibition of Works and Literatures of the Couple Sculptors


In the development of Chinese art in the twentieth century, many predecessors had made remarkable artistic achievements while also left their touching life stories. The couple Wang Linyi and Wang Henei became acquainted with each other in France for the same interest in sculpture, and out of love fo... More
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