Art Talks

CAFAM Art Talks Program invites experts, scholars and art professionals for a series of academic lectures. The talks present new ideas at a global level and bring you closer to the academia. 

Contemporary art scene

Talks in Contemporary Art and Criticism invite internationally influential artists and scholars in the field of contemporary art, exchanging their minds on art innovation, discussing the central issues of contemporary art, and inspiring diverse possibilities for the development of art. 

Under the Skin: Conversation with Marc Quinn | Lecture Report...

2019-03-21 339 people interested

Into the Wood: Bruno Walpoth | Lecture Report...

2019-03-19 279 people interested

Bruno Walpoth believes that the best working status is when he can’t feel the time passing More


2019-08-07 33 people interested


2019-07-24 62 people interested

作为展览系列学术活动的第一场,此次对谈将邀请雷安德罗•埃利希与中外艺术家和学者一起,从艺术、建筑、哲学、视觉文化等不同的视角,讨论埃利希的艺术理念与创作手法,重新审视“可能性与不可 More

A Conversation Between Liu Wei and Luc Tuymans | Lecture Report...

2018-11-15 385 people interested

The Traditionality and Contemporaneity of Chinese Art | Lecture Report...

2018-10-18 344 people interested

Have We Never Been Modern? – Dialogue with Bruno Latour...

2017-05-13 874 people interested

Latour has planned several exhibitions and he modestly called himself “an immature curator More

Burden and Fly Over: About Anself Kiefer...

2016-12-30 580 people interested

The lecture discussed from four angles about Anselm Kiefer and his creative practices. More


2016-12-23 518 people interested

To understand Anselm Kiefer’s works, one cannot set aside the cultural and historical back More


2016-12-04 825 people interested

Anselm Kiefer is one of the most prestigious artists in post-WWII Germany. His photography More
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