Exhibition Review

CAFA Annual Fine Arts Nomination Exhibition 2020 ...


The "CAFA Annual Fine Arts Nomination Exhibition 2020: Qi Xiang/Zhi Xiang - Ma Lu & Lv Pinchang" joint solo exhibition will open at CAFA Art Museum on October 17. The exhibition is academically directed by Fan Di'an, chair of China Artists Association and president of Central Acade...More

Mosaic China: Mosaic Art Invitation Exhibition ...


The "Mosaic China: Mosaic Art Invitation Exhibition" was held at the Art Museum of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in October 2017, and was widely praised by the public. To further promote mosaic art, under the support of the China Artists Association, the exhibition went on national tour f...More

The Gene of Sculpture ...


The Gene of Sculpture: Various Traditions in the Construction of Sculpture Teaching System in CAFA in the 1950s and 1960s


THEN & NOW: 2020 CAFA Graduation Season ...


The "THEN & NOW: 2020 CAFA Graduation Season" is launched on May 20. The Graduate Students' Graduation Artwork Exhibition opens on the same day; the Undergraduate Students' Artwork Exhibition will open on June 15.


The Incredible Way: Wang Bingfu's Art Promotion Through Sixty Years ...


The unique “Chinese methods” and “Chinese experience” in Mr. Wang Bingfu’s art making and teaching, and the display and research of his creative practice, is a great opportunity for the art academy to promote aesthetic education to its students and the public.More

Sketches and Oil Paintings of Pan Shixun ...



Anish Kapoor ...


Gu Yuan Art Exhibition: A Celebration of the 100th Anniversary of Gu Yuan's Birth ...


Mr. Gu Yuan was the Director of the Central Academy of Fine Arts and Deputy President of the China Artists Association. We hold 100th birthday celebration series events both at the CAFA and Mr. Gu’s hometown, to pay tribute to him and his art spirit, and manifest his outstanding contribution to C...More


Phenakistoscope: International Exhibition of Animation Art From Five Prestigious Art Schools ...


“Phenakistoscope: International Exhibition of Animation Art from Five Prestigious Art Schools”, organized by Central Academy of Fine Arts in cooperation with Royal College of Art in the UK, Gobelins l'École de l'Image in France, California College of the Arts in the US and Kunstakademie Düsseldorf i...More

Leonardo and His Outstanding Circle ...


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