CAFAM Experiences

In a multi-dimensional, immersive environment, CAFAM Experiences presents an artistic viewpoint while engaging deeply with high technology. By exploring the multi-faceted nature of the museum, these programs enhance audience participation in CAFAM.

Public Education Research

CAFAM has formulated a strategy for the continued existence and sustainable development of public education, so that artistic experiences can be systematically analyzed with academic guidance to build a foundation for public education, thereby elevating the practice of public education to scholarly heights. By referencing practical activities and s...

Public Education Program for the Other Side of Art...

2012-09-16 1415 read

At 15:00 pm on September 14, 2012, the CAFA Art Museum held a lecture of the “Sub-Phenomen More

2011 Conference of Directors of the United Front Work Department Opened at the CAFA Art Museum...

2011-12-15 1896 read

On the afternoon of December 15, the 2011 Year-End Conference of Directors of the United F More
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