CAFAM Experiences

In a multi-dimensional, immersive environment, CAFAM Experiences presents an artistic viewpoint while engaging deeply with high technology. By exploring the multi-faceted nature of the museum, these programs enhance audience participation in CAFAM.

Public Education Research

CAFAM has formulated a strategy for the continued existence and sustainable development of public education, so that artistic experiences can be systematically analyzed with academic guidance to build a foundation for public education, thereby elevating the practice of public education to scholarly heights. By referencing practical activities and s...

Public Education Program for the Other Side of Art...

2012-09-16 2211 read

At 15:00 pm on September 14, 2012, the CAFA Art Museum held a lecture of the “Sub-Phenomena - CAFAM• Future Exhibition: A Walkthrough on Artist Residency Programs - Tips on Applying for Artist Residency Program and World Art Fund” at the multifunctio...

2011 Conference of Directors of the United Front Work Department Opened at the CAFA Art Museum...

2011-12-15 2806 read

On the afternoon of December 15, the 2011 Year-End Conference of Directors of the United Front Work Department of Beijing Colleges and Universities (The Third Group) was opened at the CAFA Art Museum.
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