CAFAM Courses

Supported by CAFA’s superior resources, the CAFAM Courses make art and culture accessible to the public. We provide a wide range of programs and resources for the novice as well as the expert. Join us and immerse yourself in ideas and artistic experiences.   

CAFAM Special Education

Art has its unique spirituality, which enlightens the special population about the glamour of art, helps them promote their creativity, and gives them a warm atmosphere for social contact. The curriculum provides effective, interactive and educational events to raise the mental states of the special population, and to develop their social skill. Me...

Art and Medical Science Go Hand in Hand: Visit to the China-Japan Friendship Hospital ...

2017-06-01 1570 read

In order to promote the exchanges between the CAFA Art Museum and the society, and enable More

“Heart-Warming Project”-Public Education Program Activities ...

2011-05-27 1738 read

At 10:30 am on May 26, 2011, the CAFA Art Museum invited undergraduate volunteers from the More
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