CAFAM Courses

Supported by CAFA’s superior resources, the CAFAM Courses make art and culture accessible to the public. We provide a wide range of programs and resources for the novice as well as the expert. Join us and immerse yourself in ideas and artistic experiences.   


2019-04-30 215 people interested

“不可能如何成为可能?” 周末一起到达•芬奇儿童工作坊来探秘...

2019-04-26 203 people interested

活动时间:2019.4.21 14:00-16:00 More

"Take Shape" Performance Project -- Based On Exhibition Combining Art and Contemporary Dance...

2013-09-15 2419 people interested

In conjunction with the "Joseph Boyce--Social Sculpture" exhibition, the CAFA Art Museum l More

Equality·Participation·Sharing: A Silent Day at CAFA Art Museum...

2011-05-15 2135 people interested

May 15, 2011, was the 20th “Help-the-Disabled Day” in China. The theme for this year was “ More
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