CAFAM Courses

Supported by CAFA’s superior resources, the CAFAM Courses make art and culture accessible to the public. We provide a wide range of programs and resources for the novice as well as the expert. Join us and immerse yourself in ideas and artistic experiences.   

CAFAM Educators

The Educators courses stress on professional and specialty training, including training for art teachers, student, museum staff, and artists. Through a diverse curriculum and an interactive teaching model, our Educator programs train up interdisciplinary professionals. Our Educators courses provide professional and comprehensive development to arti...

“Master Mould and Copy Room”: Volunteer Training Program by Curator Hans De Wolf...

2014-10-14 3654 read

On October 11 and 14, 2014, Curator Hans De Wolf from the Université libre de Bruxelles hosted two volunteer training programs in the preparation stage of the exhibition.

Andy Warhol’s “Silk-screen Printing Workshop”...

2013-09-28 3800 read

In order to be consistent with the retrospective exhibition “Andy Warhol: Fifteen-minute Eternity”, a series of activities for Andy Warhol’s “Silkscreen Printing Workshop” was co-designed by the Public Education Department of Our Museum and the Andy...
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