CAFAM Experiences

In a multi-dimensional, immersive environment, CAFAM Experiences presents an artistic viewpoint while engaging deeply with high technology. By exploring the multi-faceted nature of the museum, these programs enhance audience participation in CAFAM.

Art & Technology Lab

With recent developments in the educational landscape, the Tech Art Lab is continuously experimenting with new methods. Participants will enjoy immersive, exciting learning experiences that inspire multiple modes of interpretation. In our present and future context, we are confronted with the rising influence of science and technology, and the clos...

Experimental Art Open Course 2: Modelling Basis: how to reflect time and space...

2014-09-04 2488 read

Mr. Sun Lei's lecture discussed two modeling methods: time modeling and space modeling. By More

Experimental Art Open Course 1: Visual Approaches...

2014-09-02 2747 read

In this course, Mr. Wu Jianan presented the natural limitations of human eyes in terms of More
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