CAFAM Experiences

In a multi-dimensional, immersive environment, CAFAM Experiences presents an artistic viewpoint while engaging deeply with high technology. By exploring the multi-faceted nature of the museum, these programs enhance audience participation in CAFAM.

International Exchange

Experimental theater is an overall term for many different movements that arose in Western theater in the twentieth century, and the meaning of this term has changed with the times. The museum has opened an experimental theater to present the most advanced, innovative, and unique art from around the world. The theater focuses on current social and...

“TAO Dance” Theater - Returning to Life...

2017-11-06 3204 read

On November 6, 2017, the “Tao Dance” Theater was held in the hall of the first floor of th More

The Sixth Season of The Art Museum Night and “Boyce Dances with Warhol”...

2013-10-19 2434 read

Art Museum Night” will present a live performance, masquerade party and other art forms. T More
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