• Founded by CAFAM in 2017, the CAFAM Digital Learning Center aims to initiate a new way for museums to disseminate intellectual ideas, and a new method for academically supporting museums. It dedicates to spreading new knowledge and perspectives, and promoting the innovative development of museums. The rich academic recourses of the Central Academy of Fine Arts inspire the center to plan and produce thought-provoking art documentaries, providing CAFA teachers, students and other audiences with online learning resources, as well as opportunities for rich and diverse knowledge sharing and exchange. We have developed four categories of documentaries: CAFAM Discovery • Artists, CAFAM Discovery • Exhibitions, CAFAM Discovery • Lectures, and CAFAM Discovery • Books.

    • CAFAM Discovery • Artists: Discover the secrets of an artist’s creative style, and explore how an artist develops new ideas.

    • CAFAM Discovery • Exhibitions: Experience multi-dimensional exhibitions and discover the secrets behind exhibition planning, which inspires thought, reflection, and the desire to make art.

    • CAFAM Discovery • Lectures: View excellent lectures on subjects such as art history, art and technology, current theoretical developments, the humanities, and design and innovation across a range of countries and time periods.

    • CAFAM Discovery • Books: Enjoy a selection of books recommended by artists, scholars, critics, and curators, which share new ideas with readers.

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