Exhibition Review

Prometheus in Printmaking: A Li Hua Retrospective on the 110th Anniversary of His Birth ...


This exhibition is themed with the concept of “Hua Zhu 桦烛,” which originally means “a kind of candle coiled with birch bark,” symbolizing the brilliant candlelight and its beautiful reflections. Literati and poets of many dynasties have used it in their poems. A poet of Tang Dynasty, Shen Quanqi (... More

Project Space Young Curators Lab - New Stele School 3: Confucianism and Realism ...


It will be one-sided if we equate realism in traditional Chinese modern art with that in the western world, as they have different orientations. In the face of modern challenges, Chinese invented their realism by incorporating traditional Chinese civilization with their perceptions of an authentic,... More

International Grand Exhibition for Wood Engraving and Historical Archive ...


This is the first international large-scale exhibition about the traditional technique - wood engraving's development in the contemporary era. There are about 200 artworks, wood engravings and books created by 100 artists, involving classical, modern and contemporary sections. More

Pranks in the Moonlight: Torsten Jurell ...


Torsten Jurell is an interdisciplinary and talented artist. In the past eleven years, he has stayed in China for his creative works and settled in Jingdezhen – an ancient porcelain city with a glorious history of handcrafts for thousands of years. In the energetic and vibrant environment of contempo... More

Paradigms of Art: Contemporary Art from Germany ...


By showing the public the history and latest development of German art since the 1950s, Germany's profound cultural traditions and the zeitgeist spirit of innovation will be fully presented. More

Weingart Typography China Touring Exhibition 2017·Beijing ...


Wolfgang Weingart of the Swiss school is a landmark figure in the history of contemporary graphic design. His outstanding achievements are embodied in many aspects such as design practice, design teaching, and design ideas. While injecting great vitality into modern Swiss font design, he also played... More

Sailing off the Edge: Gillian Ayres' Abstract Painting, 1979 to the Present ...


This is Gillian Ayres's first exhibition in China and it comprises a large number of large-scale paintings (240cm x 240 cm) from 1979 onwards, borrowed from private collections as well as the artist's own studio. As museums around the world reflect on the importance of artists who are women (look at... More

The Dimension of Tradition: Copying and Collection by CAFA in the 1950s and 1960s ...


“Going out” and “coming in” were the main ways for CAFA to adopt traditional ways of national painting in the 1950s and 1960s, and remained a valuable artistic heritage for the development of CAFA. It also established a premise for us to understand the dimension of traditional materials conditions o... More

Imprint: Works by Alexandre Farto aka Vhils ...


Vhils’s artworks have long been focused on the urbanization of contemporary societies and the complexity of modern cities, from which an artistic style is gradually developed for the artist to record the human conditions of the present day. More

Rendezvous:Young French & Chinese Art ...


Rendezvous is an international exhibition organized by Museum of Contemporary Art of Lyon/ macLYON. Based on the "International Youth Special Project" of Biennial of Lyon. It aims to explore the creation of young artists from France and other parts of the world and to reflect the reality and the fut... More
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